• We encourage self-development skills.

  • Using facilitates communication pictograms.

  • Instructions with pictograms help the implementation of the action.

  • A pleasant atmosphere motivates learning.

Our Care Methodology

The holistic program consists in the full application of the “Care Methodology”.

Which means to implement all the services we have for people with Autism for them to get full attention, aiming self-acknowledgement of their own abilities and family support.

• Awareness chats about on-time assistance (for parents)

• Diagnose.
• Assistance plan
• Treatment (group and individual assistance)
• Integration and inclusion Activities (in between users and parents of the community)

• Parents workshops.
• Support groups.
• Psychological assistance (users and parents)

• Online consultation, activity promotion and new data about ASD through our website, Facebook and Tweeter.

Individual therapies
Although the “Holistic Program for people with Autism” is designed to cover the majority of the assisting needs, it can happen that one person requires working only a specific development area without the need of group integration.

Therefore considering the assisting needs vary from one person to another often very much, we offer individual specialized assistance in different areas, such as:

• Speech therapy
• Learning therapy
• Behavioral therapy
• Physiological therapy
• Sensory integration

Parents assistance.
Parent’s assistance aims: personal development, family integration and parents children relationship.

Parents initially work with their personal balance and later-on auto evaluate themselves about how to contribute to family development; to achieve that, we offer:
• Informational and awareness chats
• Individual psychological assistance
• Support groups
• Family integration Activities.

Community attention
Community collaboration is a matter of importance for them to be able to improve life conditions of people with Autism and with autistic behaviors. Their presence and public opinion voice representation are uplifting to get their care needs and value as persons recognized.

If we want a partaker and interested in helping people with Autism community, we have to work in awareness about how a person with Autism lives and perceives the world, their needs, yearnings, etc.

We want to sprout a participative community that brings support in each of the Foundation’s initiatives that the same people with Autism undertakes to improve their life conditions.

For that reason we reach the community through events, chats, courses, guide visits, workshops, conferences, proclamations and activities that demonstrate the reality of living in a world full of doubts, fears and restrictions, those which a person with Autism lives in.

The Community is a transcendental player in people with Autism inclusion, contact us to find out about scheduled activities and how you can participate.

The uptake we offer aims several sectors:
• Family parents
• People with Autism (INEA and work up-taking)
• Governmental institutions and ONG’s
• Civil Associations
• Social Services providers.
• For Foundation’s own staff.

Regardless to whom the training is aimed, its goal is to look for empathy from the participants toward the experiences of people with Autism or with autistic behaviors.