What do we do?

To achieve a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of people with autism, a real commitment on the part of parents is necessary and find social support seeking space for development, so that our programs are focused on three axes will have.

a) care for people with autism

• Integral Work mode: The person has ability to access all types of therapies we offer and activities undertaken by the Foundation

With the possibility of alternating group work and individual attention as needed.

• Individualized attention Mode: We have a program of individual therapy plan based on the specific needs of the person with autism or autistic behaviors.

In both cases, to determine the time required therapies need to first perform a diagnosis of the recipient.

b) Work with Parents

The work aims to help parents to assume this responsibility realistically love, lighter and optimistic view.

• • Workshops, courses, integration activities.

c) Linking and working with the community.

The main objective is to sensitize the community to be sympathetic to the needs of care an development of people with autism or autistic behaviors

• • Conferences, talks, integration and awareness activities.

Here we mention some of our services, if you want to know more go to the services page

• Development of Diagnosis
• Group Therapy
• Individual therapy: occupation, learning, occupational, speech, reading and writing, etc.
• Artistic activities and / or crafts
• Sports activity
• Working with parents
• Work with the community.
• Institutional Linkage.
• Promotion: Workshops, courses and conferences, etc.

Teamwork, maintain contact and support each generates social solidarity institutions and a network of important support to meet our goals, find out with whom we interact.