• Render Proyecto 'Holistic Childhood Development Centre'

  • We work with all their senses looking for stopping their hypersensitivity.

  • For every 4 kids diagnosed with Autism, 3 are boys and 1 is a girl.

  • In Cancun underprivileged children can´t get specialized assistance.

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What is Autism?

Autism or (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder, presenting diversity of difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication, alterations in reciprocal social interaction, in mental flexibility and a very restricted range of activities, interests and repetitive patterns of behavior. The origin of such disorder is unknown, however it’s believed it’s associated with biochemical, genetics and environmental aspects.. Read more...

Who we are?

We are a Civil Nonprofit Association with the purpose of giving holistic attention to people with Autism (ASD) by a humanistic and co-responsibility focus. Read more...


Care Methodology

Our Care Methodology for people with Autism (ASD) has been created by professionals of Jorge Alann Foundation under the advice of the “Investigation & Educational Special Services Centre” (CISEE, UNAM) specialists.


It is supported theoretically considering care needs of people with autism; focusing on a humanistic approach and Stewardship, it has programs and measures to improve their quality of life, at all times recognizing their potential and capacity for selfcontrol. Read more...


How to Help?

Your Help is important for achieving people with Autism rehabilitation, you can help in different ways, find out how.

It’s scientifically sustained, considering the needs for assistance of people with Autism, adjusted in a Humanistic and co-responsibility focus. It has programs and actions aimed to improve their quality of life, recognizing at all times their potential and self-development capability. Read more...



Buying products

Another way to help us covering the Foundation expenses supporting the specialized care for children with Autism is buying products they made at the Foundation. Read more...


Your Donation Helps!

Your Donation can change their lives, it´s the difference in between staying at Home or rehabilitate. It’s your call!

What do we do?

  • Our Programs

    Elaborated recognizing the potential and capabilities of self-development for people with Autism.

  • Services we offer

    Considering each one has specific needs, we have a variety of services at your disposal, so we can overcome barriers together

  • Institutional Entailment

    Working as a team, keeping contact and supporting each other between institutions generates social solidarity and an important network of support to achieve our goals, find out to whom we are linked.


We especially thank the following companies and institutions that drive the rehabilitation of people with autism with their solidarity