Buying products

  • Parents and beneficiaries elaborate creative products.

  • Made with love by our children and moms.

  • We create special things for a special event.

  • Developing our abilities we care for the environment.

Another way to help children with Autism or with autistic behaviors is buying products they made by themselves, when buying them you also help them feel useful, self-confidents and motivated to continue developing their abilities towards self-sufficiency. With actions like this you double help us!

You can also acquire products elaborated by parents or by the Foundation, considering the coverage of their children therapy payments or as well collaborating with the facilities maintenance or to buy didactic supplies.

“Jorge Alann Foundation” offer you useful products so you sum like a Foundation’s special friend because we are together to venture.

This are some of the products kids and parents elaborate in Jorge Alann Foundation and they are for sale, help us buying some.

Aromatic candles Rag Dolls Hammocks Birthday Cards Painting on Wood