Who we are?

Acerca de la Fundacion Jorge Alann

About Jorge Alann Foundation

We are a Non-profit Civil Association which was born in 2011 in Cancun as a specialist in the Autism care field alternative; our care model is based on the “Research and Services for Special Education Centre” (CISEE) operation at the Faculty of psychology of UNAM with over 36 years of experience in the field.

The Foundation arises from the need of specialists in Autism child care in Quintana Roo, because not long ago Jorge Alann parents and grandparents sought specialists who diagnose and set appropriate treatment for his son and met lack of information and training as well as the fact Autism attention is very expensive.

  • Mission

    • To promote human development of people with Autism (ASD) giving them specialized holistic care under a humanistic and co-responsibility approach urging them to recognize their own abilities, skills, self-respect, social inclusion and better quality of life.

  • Vision

    To consolidate the Foundation as a national level organization, renowned for the dedicated and high quality labor and care for people with Autism; distinguished for promoting changes in human development and social inclusion in partnership with their families and the community.

  • Goal

    To provide specialized care to detect and treat Autism (ASD) under a humanistic and stewardship approach promoting the respect and individuality of people with Autism in order to improve their quality of life.

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy is nourished by a humanist sense where the central axis is the acknowledgement of the hopes, needs, value and self-determination aptitude that each person with Autism has, as we conceive them as people with drive and own will, able to establish their own goals according to the appreciation of their own abilities.

    We are convinced that it is essential to co-partner for people with Autism quality of life improvement with the self-person, the parents, specialists and the community in general.

    We will work tirelessly to create the awareness about people with Autism are as equals as you and I, "the differences make us equal" and with your participation we will achieve social inclusion.

    We know that teamwork, social solidarity, empathy and goals in common, are key elements to achieve Foundation’s main objective, to improve people with Autism life quality.

  • Values

    • Ethic
    • Solidarity
    • Responsibility
    • Humanism
    • Love
    • Freedom

Our professionals

Our professional team is constituted by specialists with aptitude in ASD care, they have worked in recognized institutions for child care and young people with Autism.

They are people eager to continue learning, they like to engage with researchers and prominent institutions in this field to carry out academic experience exchanges and staying at the forefront.

And above all, they love supporting people with Autism and their families in the rehab work to achieve together their self-sufficiency and better quality of life.

Yunuen Hernández

Degree in Educational Psychology with studies in Neuropsychology and Neuro-modulation, worked at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery and has extensive experience in Autism Child Care at DOMUS Educational Centre; among other studies.

Julieta Muñoz

Mastery In psychology, Social work and Thanatology degree, experienced working at social organizations and direct contact with the community to jointly improve their quality of life.

Rosalba Sánchez

Psychologist graduated from “Anahuac” University, experienced in Autism Child Care in both the individual query as playing as a "monitor", she took a "Holistic Educational Care for children with Autism" specialization course and holds a diploma in “Child Neuropsychology” by the “praiseworthy University Autonomous of Puebla (BUAP); among other studies.

Verenice Góngora

Raising funds and projects Responsible. Studied Tourism Business Administration at Cancun Technology University, and is experienced in Human Resources Management and funds procurement, in the latter she worked for 8 years as a Project Coordinator and Fundraising at CIAM in charge of Lydia Cacho.

She holds also a diploma in Social Impact Programs Development. Courses: “Gender and Justice”, “Advocacy on Public Policy”, Elaboration and design of indicators and SWOT, etc.